Apache HTTP Server Administration

You will become familiar with the professional installation and administration of the Apache HTTP Server.

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You will become familiar with the professional installation and administration of the Apache HTTP Server. In addition, you will learn to analyze and optimize existing systems in a well-founded way, with a special focus on security and performance. The practical feasibility of the course contents is demonstrated by means of extensive exercises and examples.- Basics: The Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP (specification and functionality), origin and history of the Apache Webserver
- Compile and install: Installation from source code, start and stop of web server
- Multi-Processing Modules (MPM) - Selection and Functionality
- Integration of modules (Dynamic Shared Objects)
- Access control/set up of protected areas
- Definition of aliases and redirects, URL manipulation with the rewrite module
- Virtual Hosts
- Logging: configuration of access and error logs, log file analysis and visualization
- Secure connections with HTTPS (functionality and configuration)
- Performance analysis and tuning
- Dynamic Web Content with CGI
- Integration of external modules (e.g. PHP)
- Using Apache as Reverse Proxy and Load Balancer
- Diagnostics and Troubleshooting


- You can install, administer, and configure an Apache server.
- You are able to analyze and optimize existing systems.
- You can troubleshoot Apache Server problems.

Anforderungen an die Teilnehmer

Knowledge of the operating system Unix (knowledge of an editor, shell knowledge) or at least participation in the seminar "Unix/Linux Basics for Beginners" (BS-01)


System Administrators, Network Administrators, Web Developers

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