Finance and Risk in the World of Energy

The current and future role of energy investment, finance and risk. How sustainable will the future of finance be?

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Transitioning to a carbon-neutral economy will require trillions of investment in renewable energies and new technologies, making financing a key to the energy transition. How does this compare to the current role of energy where fossil resources are still an important and essential part?
The post-COVID-19 recovery period will bring extra challenges and opportunities to this financial transformation of the European economy.

In this course, veteran energy policy expert Bert Stuij takes an in-depth look at the financing of the energy transition and discusses the likely impacts of the COVID-19 crisis and the EU Green Deal.

Topics include: changes in renewable energy financing, new energy market designs and dynamics, cost outlooks and energy price trends, implications of the EU Green Deal, opportunities around decommissioning.

Financial experts from Triodos Bank and other financial companies will contribute their insights during the course.

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Get a clear understanding of the current role of energy in finance / Get a clear understanding of the financial ramifications of the energy transition / Learn how the EU Green Deal and the future in finance may impact the energy transition / Identify opportunities and risks / Interact online with international experts and peers

Anforderungen an die Teilnehmer

Interest in the financial aspect of the energy transition.


This course is meant for professionals in the energy and financial sectors who deal with financial aspects of the energy transition:

General executives and managers / Financial and energy analysts / Financial advisors and energy business consultants / Business developers / Investors / Project and change managers

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