European Energy Strategy, Trends in Transition

Get up to speed on the impact of the energy transition on European energy sector

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Location: Brussels, Belgium

This intensive course will give you a complete overview of how European energy markets work and how they are expected to be transformed by the transition to a zero-emission energy system.

It is a must for anyone who wants to gain a critical understanding of this hugely important and complex development that will affect us all. This 4-day course looks at how the 2015 Paris Agreement will lead to a shift from a fossil-fuel-based energy system to a zero-emission system based on renewable energies.

Existing and future political, regulatory and geopolitical frameworks of European energy markets / Impact of new developments (in renewables, storage, smart grids, green gas, hydrogen, etc.) on the energy sector and incumbent market players / Increasing integration of electricity, transport and heating sectors / What will future smart and sustainable cities look like

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Understand supply and demand dynamics in EU gas, heat and electricity markets / Understand (geo-)political and regulatory frameworks of European energy markets / Anticipate challenges and opportunities of energy transition and sustainable cities of the future / Assess the future of a single integrated EU energy market

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Interest in getting a thorough overview of the Energy Transition.


For participants who are, or will become active in the energy sector or energy-related institutions:

Professionals in European energy markets / Consultants/advisors working in the European energy industry / Project coordinators, strategy advisors in the energy sector / Industry professionals who need to assess the impact of the energy transition on their business fields / Regulatory affairs and public relations officers/managers working for national, provincial or municipal bodies

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