Time and self-management - Achieve more with less stress

Concepts for your time and self management

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Time is precious and often one would like a little more of it. In addition, one would also like more energy, calmness and satisfaction. However, the demands in the profession are increasing more and more. Pressure to perform, stress, frustration, daily hectic belong for ever more humans to the everyday life. Mental illnesses such as depression or burnout are on the rise in Germany according to reports from health insurance companies. In this seminar we will introduce you to a variety of classical methods and a completely new concept for your time and self management, which counteracts the usual stresses and strains and enables sustainable success without constant pressure to perform.- Success factors for your own time and self management
- Classical approaches to improving time management: vision, goals and priorities, eliminating or reducing time wasters and waste of time, dealing with disruptions, delegation, appropriate tools and tools, strengths and weaknesses of the different concepts of time planning.
- Dealing with stress and measures in case of threatening overstrain
- Early detection and timely prevention of threatening burnout
- Agile time management based on Pomodoro and personal KANBAN
- be able to recognize and ward off role requirements, own and external demands
- Benefits and dangers of own and external drivers
- Identifying and eliminating your own pitfalls
- Work-life balance and use of downtime
- Use of self-reflection and own Lessons Learned
- Procedure for sustainable problem solutions
- Recognising and positively changing disabling beliefs
- self-discipline, dealing with the inner temptation and deferment


- You are able to deal better with your time and yourself.
- With the help of suitable methods, approaches and new concepts, you will recognize earlier why many things do not succeed as easily as you thought.
- You know what you can do to achieve more success with less effort.

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People who want to optimise their time and self-management and be even more successful in the long term

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