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For an even better overview, you can personalise your dashboard by adjusting the size and position of each window.

Learning groups

Easy to create and easy to control - in your quofox learning group you will learn together with others. In your virtual learning room you will network with like-minded users. Exchange ideas in the discussion forum or in a video conference.

Learning paths

Arrange learning content in such a way that an individual processing sequence is created. This makes the learning process clear and transparent, and you know at all times which content is next.


Test your knowledge! Self-tests are available for Windows Server, Exchange Server, German and English, for example. If you follow the recommendation below, you can start with your suitable course immediately.

quofox - learning groups

My learning groups

Share with others about the learning content

Upload, share and manage files

Create a new rule.

Learn autonomously and cooperatively

Encourage group members to complete tasks together faster

Prepare with your group for upcoming exams

Find your learning group

My learning paths

Support your learning path and give other learning steps for a topic

Put quofox courses together and add external files and links to your learning path.

Use the progress bar to visualise your learning process

Work in an action-oriented manner towards a learning goal

Individual company reporting

Connect your learning path with a group!

Start on your learning path immediately
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Your chance: the self-test is free of charge

Find out which course level you are really at

Save money by booking the right course online right away

Save your results and continue your work when you next login

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