Human digital education.

EASY Learning Platform

Complete mapping and digitization of training workflows

All learning opportunities that combine providers and formats

Modularly scalable and the highest security standards

There is only one constant in the universe: change.

EASY Business Learning Platform

EASY – From basic to all-in-one solution

The Easy Business Platform is infinitely scalable to any company size – and its own corporate identity.

The customizable, adaptive learning and further education platform is available to you with just a few clicks and your employees benefit from an individual, diverse course catalog. EASY is intuitive. Thanks to the modular system, the training courses and offers are integrated into workflows and thus save time and money.

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With the increased reach through digitization, we increase the effectiveness of the offers for your employees.

EASY Business Platform - the advantages

Further advantages – a small selection

  • Relevant competence development for professionals
  • Up-to-date, comprehensible, suitable content
  • Competency and role assessments
  • Curated library of experts
  • Targeted learning paths and Mix&Match
  • Easy expansion of the platform for new areas of competence
  • Content from industry-leading authors
  • Quality assurance through our selection process
  • Cost efficient

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Learning and enjoying are the secret of a fulfilled life. Learning without enjoyment is hardened, enjoyment without learning stupid.
Richard David Precht

Flexible modular

Configure your platform – flexibly in number of licenses, functions and costs.

quofox EASY - the basic package

learning area

course catalogue

Reporting & analytics

Rights &

Approval processes

Look & Feel

Expand your learning platform as required

up to 150 users

0,00 €/mth.

up to 500 users

49,00 €/mth.

up to 1500 users

99,00 €/mth.

up to 5000 users

149,00 €/mth.

up to 10000 users

199,00 €/mth.

over 10000 users

499,00 €/mth.

Add-on features

Custom domain

10,00 €/mth.

Course management

500,00 €/mth.

Mandatory products

150,00 €/mth.

Supplier management

750,00 €/mth.


450,00 €/mth.

Learning paths and learning groups

1,50 €/user/mth.

Skills & Jobroles

1,50 €/user/mth.

Single Sign On

1,50 €/user/mth.

On Request

0,00 €/mth.

Content Management System

25,00 €/mth.


  • easy basic package0,00 EUR

Total:  EUR 0,00

All prices are plus statutory VAT.

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EASY enables up-to-date further training: Agile. Independently. Measurable.