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From an annual turnover of EUR 5,000 you will get a 3% refund.

(Calculation period is 1 year from signature.
The annual turnover corresponds to the sum of the booked courses subject to a charge.)


by arrangement


24 months


10 incidents monthly
Look & feel / communication


Logo integration
Corporate CI
Content management via CMS
Company-specific evaluation
Skill management


Creation of individual learning paths
Create public & closed learning groups
Definition of career paths
Definition of job roles and skill matching
Testing and assessment
Course management


Set content virtually & presence
Exclusive course requests
Target group-specific training courses
Cancel course
Creation of compulsory seminars
Customized shop


Blueooth category / partner / learning format
Condition management for existing partners
Integration of suppliers with certain conditions
Compliance management
company-specific metasearch
Participant management


Approval process for participant booking
Participant invitation
GLB Assign Training
Resource management


Maintenance of suppliers
Maintenance of internal company resources
Mapping the utilisation of resources
Integration of internal company resources

Processes & responsibilities


Individual rights & roles
Creation of internal company groups
Illustration individual approval workflow
Organization Management


Customizable master data structure
Integration of master data via CSV
Data import via interface
Illustration of company structure
Event-based Datenim-& export
Transfer of legacy data for the employee history


Dashboard, learning history
Individual company reporting
Overview of all training data per MA
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