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Securing Industrial IoT Networks with Cisco Technologies

A perfect security storm is brewing with the shortage of security professionals and the additional vulnerabilities with IoT enabled infrastructures. “Securing Industrial

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  • Lesson 1: Describing Converged Enterprise and Industrial IoT Networks, Architectures, and Frameworks
  • Lesson 2: Describing Industrial IoT Network Security Requirements
  • Lesson 3: Describing Protocols Used in Converged Enterprise and Industrial IoT Networks
  • Lesson 4: Analyzing IoT Vulnerabilities
  • Lesson 5: Exploiting Vulnerabilities in Industrial IoT Networks
  • Lesson 6: Describing the Process of Securing Industrial IoT Networks
  • Lesson 7: Hardening Devices in Industrial IoT Networks
  • Lesson 8: Implementing Network Infrastructure Security in Industrial IoT Networks
  • Lesson 9: Describing the Characteristics of Cisco NGFWs in Industrial IoT Networks
  • Lesson 10: Securing Communications in in Industrial IoT Networks Using Basic Cisco NGFW and Cisco NGIPS Features
  • Lesson 11: Implementing Advanced Security Features on NGFW and NGIPS in Industrial IoT Networks
  • Lesson 12: Using the Cisco TrustSec Solution in Industrial IoT Networks
  • Lesson 13: Implementing VPN Solutions in Industrial IoT Networks
  • Lesson 14: Describing the Industrial IoT Network Framework and Regulations
  • Lesson 15: Bonus Content: Describing Physical Security in Industrial IoT Networks
  • Lesson 16: Bonus Content: Monitoring Industrial IoT Networks


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the convergent enterprise and industrial IoT architecture, components and applications
  • Contrast enterprise IT vs. industrial OT security
  • Define layered security requirements from the network edge to the core, and from access to applications layer
  • Protect endpoints, communications as well as data at rest and in motion
  • Compliance to standards and regulations and auditing
  • Understand protocols, applications and IPv6 for IIoT
  • Identify vulnerabilities and threat
  • Familiarize with common implementation issues
  • Assess, monitor and detect vulnerabilities
  • Walk through IIoT attacks
  • Adopt best practices in design principles and process for securing and segmenting IIoT networks
  • Application of the converged security model for the broader industry: manufacturing, utilities, transportation, O&G
  • Secure and monitor/detect the IIoT framework with next generation security products and tools

Participant requirements

It is highly recommended to have the following skills and knowledge before attending this course:

  • IP Networking Basics: Networking Fundamentals for Industrial Control Systems (INICS), Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 1 (ICND1) equivalent
  • OT Networking Basics: ICINS, Managing Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies (IMINS) or Managing Industrial Networks for Manufacturing with Cisco Technologies (IMINS2)
  • Network Security Basics: Implementing Cisco Network Security (IINS) or Cisco Certified Network Associate Security (CCNA Security) equivalent


  • Security Engineer
  • Security Operations
  • Security Analysts
  • Systems, Solutions Architects
  • System Integrators
  • Senior OT Engineers

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