Oracle Tenant Technology (Multi Tenant / Single Tenant)

This seminar gives you a deep insight into Oracle Tenant technology.

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The non-CDB technology has been discontinued with Oracle 12c. In the foreseeable future, all instances can only be operated with Tenant technology. With this seminar you get a deep insight into the Oracle Tenant technology. Both Single Tenant (included in SE2) and Multitenant (EE + Multitenant Option) are considered. You will be familiarized with the administration of Oracle Tenant environments, especially the differences to the previous non-CDB technology will be considered.- Installation and configuration of Tenant environments
- new components / terms
- Provisioning (creating databases in the Tenant environment)
- Portability (Plug-Out / Plug-In)
- Maintenance (operation of the Tenant environments)
- Instance parameters (spfile)
- views
- User and rights management in Tenant environments
- Backup & Recovery
- security
- IO Optimization, Memory Management in PDBs
- Data Guard in Tenant environments
- patching
- migration


- You can install and run an Oracle Tenant environment.
- You will learn the differences to the previous non-CDB technology.
- You can patch and migrate an Oracle Tenant environment.
- You will receive decision support on when and how to migrate from the previous world.

Participant requirements

Good knowledge of SQL, basic knowledge of Unix, good knowledge of Oracle administration


database administrators

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