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Agile leadership - New concepts for your leadership in an agile environment

Learn how leadership works in an agile context and how agile techniques can be used for leadership work.

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In IT in particular, more and more projects and plans are being implemented with agile processes. Learn how leadership works in an agile context and how agile techniques can be used for leadership work. Get to know agile values, principles and methods and how you can shape the change to an agile organization as a leader.- Why be agile? (Advantages and disadvantages of a more agile approach compared to classical approaches)
- Agile principles and values
- Agile procedures on team level, Scrum, Kanban and Scrumban
- Agile leadership (separation of powers, enabling self-organization, leadership as a framework provider, sustainable development of impediments)
- Long-term planning (interlocking of agile and classic projects)
- Large agile organization (agile flow for large products, agile organizational structure, agile strategy, agile fixed price projects, portfolio Kanban, scaling of agile projects with SAFe and other concepts)
- Characteristics of social systems as a design factor
- Act agile as an executive (agile time management, personal kanban)
- Agile methods in innovation management (Lean Startup, Sprint, Design Thinking)
- Fundamentals of Change Management and the Role of Change Agents
- Transition to agility (cultural change, success factors)
- Complementary methods and concepts of agile leadership (agile coaching, consensus, systemic consensus, canvas)
- Dealing with typical stumbling blocks


- You will get to know the differences between the agile and the classic approach.
- You learn to use agile procedures and methods for your success
- You will acquire suitable methodical tools and learn how to use them in a targeted, effective and efficient way.

Participant requirements

Knowledge of the essential contents of the seminar "Agile Project Management with Scrum" (PM-08), own experiences in Scrum projects are helpful.


IT executives, consultants, project managers, Scrum masters and product owners who would like to get to know agile processes better and use them successfully in their organization.

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