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Scrum is the best known and most widely used agile frame­work. Do you want to know how Scrum works? Or are you going to use Scrum in your orga­niza­tion? In this lear­ning program, you will get a step-by-step over­view of the entire frame­work. You will learn about the agile princi­ples as the founda­tion of Scrum and we take a look at the roles, events, and arti­facts defined in Scrum.


  • Overview of the Scrum process
  • Basics of agile values and principles
  • Overview of roles and events in Scrum
  • Knowledge of artifacts and helpful methods in Scrum
  • Implementation of Scrum in a team
  • Integration of Scrum into your daily working life

Participant requirements

Intenet connection



Training modules

Agile Frameworks: Scrum


  • Intro
  • Glossary
  • Your goals

Why Scrum?

  • Challenges in a digitalized world
  • The agile umbrella

values and principles

  • Values and principles
  • Agile Values

The Scrum process

  • Classic and agile project organization
  • Classic vs. agile project management
  • Overview of the process


  • Development Team
  • Product Owner
  • Scrum Master
  • Responsibilities in Scrum


  • Anecdote
  • Quiz

Events I

  • The sprint
  • Sprint Planning 1 and 2
  • Daily Scrum

Events II

  • Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective
  • 6 phases of a retrospective
  • Product backlog refinement
  • Events in Scrum

Artifacts and methods I

  • Epics & User Stories
  • Phrasing good User Stories
  • Your User Story
  • Product Vision & Product Backlog
  • Product Canvas
  • Product Backlog

Artifacts and methods II

  • Sprint Goal & Sprint Backlog
  • Definition of Done & Acceptance Criteria
  • Product Increment & Burndown Chart
  • Digital Tools

Starting with Scrum

  • Stacey-Matrix
  • Start with your team
  • Your impression: Scrum


  • Anecdote
  • Quiz


  • Wrap-up
  • Deep Dive

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