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Change management in IT - introducing changes smoothly

Methods and procedures for the design of change projects

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More and more changes are triggered by IT. Changes are also increasing in IT itself, such as the introduction and scaling of Scrum. For this purpose, the seminar conveys all important methods and procedures that are important and helpful for the design of change projects. We combine our systematic and agile approaches and ideas with pragmatic methods and tools, which you can use successfully for your change management.- Fundamentals of Change Management and the Role of Change Agents
- Strategic approach and design of change processes in and through IT
- Use of agile processes such as Scrum, KANBAN and the scaling of agile projects
- Ideas and concepts of Design Thinking as well as Sprint and Lean Startup
- Use of agile procedures for your own change project
- Methods of diagnosis and recording of requirements and general conditions
- Characteristics of social systems as a design factor and their consideration in change processes
- Dealing with political factors in change processes
- Dealing with typical stumbling blocks, obstacles, conflicts and power in change processes
- Information and communication in change processes
- Preventing the emergence of resistances, dealing with resistances and awakening energies of change
- Evaluation and stabilization of change processes and securing the sustainability of the introduced changes


- You will learn about the strategic approach and the methodical tools in change management and how to proceed in a targeted, effective and efficient way.
- You will learn how to use suitable measures to significantly increase acceptance and motivation for the changes to be implemented and how to master difficult situations.
- You will learn to use agile procedures and methods for your success.

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IT executives, consultants, project managers, Scrum Masters and product owners who want to implement changes in IT or in the company or organization.

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