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Burn-out prevention - achieve a better work life balance

This seminar will show you how to achieve more relief for yourself.

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The number of people affected by burnout or stress related health problems is constantly increasing. This may not be surprising, considering that pressure and stress in our everyday life are increasing as well. You can prepare and protect yourself against this by raising your resilience and by caring for a better work life balance. This seminar will show you how to achieve more relief for yourself. The main focus will be on the reduction of stressful aspects rather than relaxation techniques.- Burnout and resiliance - basics
- Dealing with stress and stressful factors
- Dealing with one's own feelings and emotions
- Your own attitude to youreself
- Modern time management
- Self control
- Realign yourself and clarify your own goals
- Dealing with anxieties and blockages
- Mindfulness
- Handling the crisis
- Identify and change your critical beliefs and inner driving forces
- Relaxation techniques
- Tools and methods


The main target of this seminar is the reduction of critical risk factors. This results in the following goals:

- To know the risk factors and effects of a burnout
- To reduce self-produced pressure and achieve more serenity
- To be able to reduce your own negative emotions and feelings
- To free yourself from inner blockages and anxiety
- To reduce your own stress and to manage your resources more effectively
- To change your own driving forces
- To increase your own self-acceptance

If you are already close to a burnout, this seminar might help you to achieve an immediate and relieveing change. If you are currently affected by a burnout, this seminar might help you to return to normal life more quickly and to avoid potential setbacks as well as the fear of a setback.

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Executives, project managers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters and people who are exposed to high stress and pressure.

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