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Die alternativlose Business Lösung, für Unternehmen die Aus- & Weiterbildung modern, qualitativ hochwertig, effektiv, effizient und menschlich gestalten wollen.

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Business = Change

Berufliche Anforderungen ändern sich schneller als Updates für unsere Handys - und da können wir automatische Updatefunktionen einstellen. Manche Berufe verschwinden ganz.

Klassische Führung wandelt sich zu Agile, Diversity wird selbstverständlich. Endlich.

Corona hat gezeigt, wie schnelle Veränderung geht und wie schnell wir sein können.

Let's learn and be the change.

Deine Qualifikation und Weiterbildung mit quofox

Over 9,500 courses

Für Dein berufliches & persönliches Wachstum

All learning formats

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Intelligente Features

Für Deinen persönlichen schnelleren & größeren Fortschritt


Für Deine Zufriedenheit, denn besser sein, macht glücklich.

Good reasons for learning with quofox

Over 9,500 courses

quofox offers you thousands of courses from all industries & areas.

All learning formats

quofox offers you all available learning formats. Try now!

Clever features

quofox offers features that help you learn faster & more.


quofox offers you satisfaction, because learning makes you happy.

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The quofox business portal is the ideal All-In-one solution for companies, authorities and educational institutions of all sizes, making sustainable, user friendly and cost-effective education and training.

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  • Access to over 9,500 certified courses
  • A look & feel tailored to your company
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  • Own learning area for your employees
  • Approval processes to control continuing training
  • User management
  • Rights & Roles Assignment
  • Reporting & analytics

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Unsere Kunden

Meinungen über quofox

Klaus Leuzen

Kliniken Essen-Mitte

Looking for a way to complete my IT training, I became aware of quofox. Quofox offers me the possibility to take the necessary courses to prepare for the MCSA. Due to the modular design, I could integrate the courses in my everyday work.

Matthias Tischler

Computer Group/IT - Faculty of Physics (Ludwig Maximilians University Munich)

As much busier IT administrator, Im enormously flexible by Quofox and have not for weeks to sit with a training provider, to keep my certifications. The online Labs offer the same comfort as in the training provider. My employer approved me therefore more exchange visits.

Andy Wendel

Wendel Training Consulting

After more than 25 years of experience I perceive strong changes: formerly extremely much frontal training attended, today online training is immensely popular on the market. No travel costs, immediate availability of trainers via Skype. Content will be shared online and must not as expensive paper backing "dragged" are. There are many advantages to the online training via quofox.

Saidy Rieck

the IT Company GmbH

The magic word at quofox is modules. All content is offered in modular form. That means that we focus specifically on booking only what is really relevant for our employees. That saves us money as well as valuable time.

Gerald F. Mechsner

Microsoft Certified Trainer

quofox gives me not only a great way to cover my diverse topics such as the certification competencies as MCSA/MCSE and the topic family research, as well as to educate me even in a wide variety of courses even. Also applies to coaches: "learning is like rowing against the tide – who stop driving back"

Benjamin Mehrdorf

Kliniken Essen-Mitte

I chose quofox because it does not allow me to do my job for a week at the training center. Quofox offers me the optimal solution here with its modular online courses.

Gretel Bauermann


For the first time ever, I have come to know such an opportunity to participate in seminars. The process and the opportunities to actively participate myself surprised me very positively. It gives me many opportunities both to hold courses myself and to participate as a listener. For private reasons, I myself am not able to stay away from home for a long time, so I can not travel to seminars.

Martin Bertram

MACS Hamburg IS

With quofox you can learn something new without having to leave the own workplace quickly and easily. Especially for the introduction to a new topic, I like using the platform since I get many practical examples in addition to a first impression for the implementation.

So nice that you are here again.



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