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Commerce Composer Customization for IBM WebSphere Commerce V7 Feature Pack 7 - 6G01G

This course is designed to help learners to understand the features of the Commerce Composer tool and develop and deploy the Commerce Composer assets.

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The content that is developed in this course enable the Technical operations and Developing team of an e-commerce store to adapt the Commerce Composer tool as per the business requirement. In- depth content cover the skills and knowledge to customize the tool. The topics include an overview of the Commerce Composer tool, customizing widgets and layout development, loading Commerce Composer assets, and effective strategies for testing and customizing the tool. The topics incorporate relevant procedures to understand the processes that can be performed for and using the tool.

Numerous exercises that are provided throughout the course reinforce the concepts that are covered in the lectures and enable students to practice their newly acquired skills. The hands-on exercises that are provided emphasize the topics taught, which are relevant to the business scenarios that can be addressed by the Commerce Composer tool.

Course introduction
Unit 1. IBM Commerce Composer Tool
Lesson 1 1. Commerce Composer tool
Lesson 1.2. Pages and layouts
Unit 2. Custom Widgets
Lesson 2.1. Widget architecture
Lesson 2.2. Widget groups
Lesson 2.3. Create custom widgets
Exercise 2.3.1. Generating widget source code
Exercise 2.3.2. Defining the storefront assets for a custom site-level widget
Exercise 2.3.3. Testing the widget
Unit 3. Deploying Commerce Composer assets
Lesson 3.1. Load sample data
Exercise 3.1.1. Loading widgets using Data Load
Exercise 3.1.2. Add extended widget properties
Exercise 3.1.3. Adding the object definition for a custom widget
Exercise 3.1.4. Define property views for a custom widget
Exercise 3.1.5. Testing the custom widget in the Management Center
Unit 4. Custom layouts
Lesson 4.1. Layout and layout template architecture
Exercise 4.1.1. Creating a custom Commerce Composer layout
Exercise 4.1.2. Load a Commerce Composer page as Shopping Cart page
Exercise 4.1.3. Converting a page to use Commerce Composer
Exercise 4.1.4. Testing your customization code
Unit 5. Effective strategies for customizing Commerce Composer
Lesson 5.2. Responsive Web Design in widgets and templates
Lesson 5.3. Effective testing of assets and widgets
Lesson 5.4. Widgetizing existing assets
Exercise 5.2.1. Updating a widget to be responsive
Exercise 5.3.1. Packaging Commerce Composer Assets
Course Wrapup


Describe the features and architecture of the Commerce Composer tool.
Create Commerce Composer assets.
Register and deploy Commerce Composer assets.
Describe the effective strategies for developing Commerce Composer assets.

Anforderungen an die Teilnehmer

You should have:

Completed existing Developer courses, Programming Essentials for IBM WebSphere Commerce V7 Customization (6T225G) Advanced Programming Topics for IBM WebSphere Commerce V7 Customization (6T226G) (WC710G) (6T224G)
Experience customizing WebSphere Commerce.


This intermediate course is designed for Technical operations and Development team of an e-commerce store who want to use the Commerce Composer tool of IBM WebSphere Commerce V7 systems.

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