Brand & Consumer Psychology Masterclass

Empower your Marketing & Brand Performance with Strong Emotional Impact

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This course, with illustrative graphics and animations for an immersive experience, addresses the biggest challenge in marketing: how can I pull people towards my brand by creating that visceral feel of 'I really want and need this brand in my life'?

It's very difficult. But entirely possible.

In my 20-year career spanning insights, branding and communication, and working with Fortune 500 and emerging brands in various global markets, I learned that consumer purchase decisions are never swayed solely with info on tech, quality and performance. Never. Ever.

Brands win by psychologically ‘framing’ the product and brand experience, brands win by touching people emotionally.

In this course I am sharing two decades worth of experience accumulated via hundreds of projects that I designed and led for leading brands from companies such as Unilever, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Ford, L'Oreal, Tencent, Bacardi, Colgate, Mattel, and many others.

With this program, you can save yourself the expense of one (or even several) university degrees in advanced insights techniques and branding & communication psychology - the knowledge, examples and inspiration you gain here has been distilled to the essence of what really matters at each critical step, drawing from numerous real life business cases and market & branding success stories.


This course is divided into 4 sections:

  • Important overview of how brands often fail to connect with fundamental emotional needs.

  • Specific kind of customer insights you need for crafting a brand narrative that commands powerful emotional impact, making it feel personally relevant to people's lives.

  • How to apply those consumer insights: with examples from my experience, we'll construct a sharp articulation angle for a Brand Narrative to elicit a specific emotional reaction in the customer.

  • Taking brand narrative into persuasive creative communication: using dramatic storytelling, we craft a story that captivates emotionally. We define the Role of the Brand in the story, we explore creative ways of marketing the story to create loyal fans and comitted customers.


Decode Customers' Real Psychological & Emotional Needs

Create a Brand Experience that Persuades Emotionally

Control Emotional Impact of your Communication (instead of wasting cash on influencers or discounts)

Turn People into committed Fans and Loyal Customers

Anforderungen an die Teilnehmer

None. Just one overriding goal: a determination to become a brand experiene & communication specialist who is a master in tapping into people's emotional needs.


Branding / Communication / Insights & Marketing Specialists. From beginner to highly experienced. Anyone in the business of branding and persuasion, and who wants to make their (or their client's) brand powerful and irresistible, in any product & service category.


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