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Batch Processing in IBM Cúram 6.0.5 - 9D62G

This web-based, technical primer course provides a technical overview of batch processing in IBM 6.0.5. The aim of the course is to provide developers with an introduction to the way in which IBM handles batch processing. As batch processing is a generic technology, the value for developers is that the course focuses on the -specific aspects of its use in the IBM SPM Platform 6.0.5.

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Batch Processing in IBM .
How to use batch process groups.
Creating and running IBM batch processes.
Managing the Batch Launcher.
Batch jobs and code packages.
Batch job parameters.
Batch job security issues.
Performance Mechanisms: Chunking and Streaming.
The Batch Streaming Architecture.
Modeling and running chunked and streamed batch jobs.
Batch Processing and JMS in .


Differentiate between the processing types that IBM supports.
Provide an overview of batch processing in IBM 6.0.5.
Describe the workings of the Batch Launcher.
Outline how to create a batch job and control how it operates.
Discuss the following features of batch jobs:

Code Packages

Describe how to develop and run streamed and chunked batch jobs and explain their structures.
Explain the use of methods and modelling in batch jobs.
Describe how IBM batch processes use the DB-to-JMS mechanism to access application-server functionality.

Anforderungen an die Teilnehmer

You should have completed the following courses:

IBM SPMfor Developers (ADE) 7.X(9D73G), and
IBM SPM for Developers (Customization) 7.X(9D74G), or
Any previous version of the IBM developer fundamentals course.

Alternatively, you should have experience working as a developer on an IBM SPM implementation project.


The intermediate course is intended for developers who need detailed information about how batch processing operates in IBM .

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