Intercultural Training Iran

The training provides an insight into the historical, political, cultural and economic background for efficient communication and cooperation.

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In today’s global business environment, understanding other cultures provide a real competitive advantage: Negotiators can accelerate their discussions by minimizing communication hurdles, marketers can more effectively engage with target audiences in specific countries or regions, and product managers can make appropriate localization decisions. In Iran, it’s been “business as usual” for years. Despite the impact of economic sanctions made against the country over recent decades in an effort to influence Iranian policy, “the country has not been completely isolated from the rest of the world“ Any organisation wishing to successfully conduct business with Iran needs to understand and consider the mixture of traditional and modern influences which have an impact on Iranian business and social culture.

In this training the topics will be based on the following topics but can be adapted for the groups needs and wishes:

  • Iran geography, politics, economics, geopolitics, social issues…
  • Iranian Culture – key concepts and values, traditions and gender roles
  • Traditions and behaviors 
  • Class based society
  • Iranians relation with neighbors and other cultures
  • Working practices, corporate world
  • Managing Culture shock
  • Recommended books, films and food
  • The heritage of Persian and Zoroastrian culture
  • A proud, ancient civilization
  • From the empire to the Islamic Republic


  • Status and experience
  • Gender roles


  • Family life
  • Hospitality and courtesy
  • Religion and tradition
  • Taroof


  • Time Issues
  • Structure and hierarchy in companies
  • Business meetings
  • Working relationships
  • Communication and negotiation
  • Developing relationships, building trust
  • Protocol and etiquette (do´s and don´ts)
  • Networking and presentation
  • Formality
  • Outfit 


  • Lecture and discussion
  • Interactive examples in small groups
  • Case studies and analysis 
  • Participants experiences and cases 
  • Reflection and exchange of experiences and ideas
  • Your staff is becoming more culturally diverse and is able to communicate effectively
  • Contacts and projects run smoothly
  • Less conflicts and missunderstanding
  • You save time, energy and money 

Anforderungen an die Teilnehmer

Duration: 6 hours virtually 


Everyone who is interested in the cultural, social, economical and political background of this ancient and still very exciting and upcoming culture in the Middle East. This intercultural training is also designed for global leaders who need to build the capabilities to lead across national and international boundaries. Leaders and Managers who would like to grow their business in Iran and to expand and improve their intercultural competencies for future projects.


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