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quofox offers educational institutions of all sizes an extended version of our company portal. Our EDU solution adapts optimally to the requirements of educational institutions and their customers and fits seamlessly into your Internet presence. Use our solution and create your own marketplace with us.

Our solution - your individual portal

  • Logo
  • Corporate design colors for font and backgrounds
  • Responsive website design for presentation on different devices
  • Complete design adaptation also on course level are possible after arrangement

Communication and technology

We can offer you numerous communication options for your virtual learning formats: participants and instructors can communicate with each other from any location and whenever they need to - time-consuming software installations are not necessary.


The choice is yours: Either use the quofox Edu version as an on-premise solution, where the complete application including the backend is hosted by you - or you can use the quofox EDU portal solution as a software-as-a-service. However, the administration of the learning platform remains in your hands.

Your advantages

  • Simple, professional distribution of your products
  • Complement our own / extension of your target audience
  • Positioning as an innovative training company / trainer more attractive
  • Participating in the growing digital continuing education market
  • Implementation of a digital business model including revenue sharing
  • Revenues from the digital business model
  • Integrated eCommerce feature for marketing your content on the quofox learning platform

Our service for you

  • Hosting and maintenance of the server
  • Support and maintenance included
  • Optional: Extensive managed learning services
  • Optional: integration of content from the quofox shop or third parties

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