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Learning online at quofox does not mean you have to forego discussions with experts and other learners. In our virtual classrooms, you will be learning live with and from the other participants. You can ask questions, complete practical exercises, and actively shape the course – Every online course is personally and individually tailored to you.


At quofox, learning is always online, but various learning formats are available. You can select the option that best suits you. No travel time or costs will be incurred. Learn when you want, how you want, and where you want. Together or by yourself - its up to you.


At quofox, you can learn only what you truly require. Our modular instructional units are new and unique. Design your personal learning path (saving both time and money) according to your own personal learning goals and your schedule.

Do you have extensive knowledge that inspires others? Do you have new ideas about how to simply present complex material? Turn your knowledge and skills into cash by offering your own courses on quofox!

These experts are there for you.

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quofox Trainer Andy Wendel
Andy Wendel

Wendel Training Consulting

After more than 25 years of working in IT training, I have observed a noticeable shift from frontal teaching to online training. The rising demand is due to good reasons:
There are no travel expenses, and trainers are immediately available on Skype for Business. The learning contents are shared online, and the annoying "dragging along" of heavy, printed study materials is eliminated – this saves money and is good for the environment. The benefits arising when learning with quofox go far beyond that: diversity, availability, and the best coaches for all topics. I am a bit proud to be part of all this and to be able to offer MOC courses and advanced trainings myself. I am happy to play along in the qualified and flexible quofox team - as the training is enjoyable for the trainer as well.

Senior Datacenter Cloud Architect, Senior Trainer & Consultant (MCLC - Microsoft Certified Learning Consultant (one of 46 worldwide), MCT & MCSE).
Saidy Rieck The IT Company
Saidy Rieck

the IT Company GmbH

The magic word at quofox is modules. All content is offered in modular form. That means that we focus specifically on booking only what is really relevant for our employees. That saves us money as well as valuable time.

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