All are the same - all are different.

Smart Learning Features

Complete mapping and digitization of training workflows

All learning opportunities, providers and learning formats combined

Modularly scalable and the highest security standards

There is only one constant in the universe: change.

Smart Learning Features – easier to understand and learn

Scheme F was yesterday – we offer the whole alphabet

Studies show that all people have the same basic needs. In the workplace, for example, psychological safety comes first. When learning and understanding content, the needs are divided into various facets. This, too, has now been proven by studies.
Thats why {0}quofox offers AI and smart learning features based on human needs{1} to make learning easier and more human for everyone.

With the increased reach through digitization, we are increasing the effectiveness of the offers for employees.

Learning can be easy


Design your own learning experience. The first steps are accompanied. Learning path is individual in pace and formats.


Individual course recommendation and definition of the personal learning path, according to the level of knowledge.

Learning paths

Combine offers and combine them with external resources – structured up to the learning goal.

Learning groups

Learning groups give the opportunity to exchange information about learning content with others in private or public groups.


Your dashboard

Separate learning area – Clear, simple and flexible.

Community functions

Social learning, collaboration, high communication and interaction range.


Networking of course content and providers, participation in learning groups and assessments.


All devices and all common operating systems

Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by whether it can climb a tree, it will believe all its life that it is stupid.
Albert Einstein