Payments and shipping

We offer the following payment options

Credit card

We support all major credit cards as the most frequently used means of payment on the Internet. As a payment service stripe is used for processing.


PayPal is the best known payment provider in Germany. With guaranteed buyer protection, your online payments are always secure. You can choose between debit and credit card payments with PayPal, so youll never miss out on your bonus miles again.


The "Invoice" payment option is currently only available to corporate clients. Important: You must provide the information for your accounting department when asked for the billing address so that the invoice is automatically sent to your accounting department. Please discuss the billing process with your accounting department in advance and obtain permission for us to send the invoice there.

Software Assurance Training Voucher

Does your company have a license agreement with Microsoft? Then you can very likely take advantage of free continuing education or training with Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs). Companies that are Microsoft licensing partners can generally claim a certain number of SATVs as part of the Microsoft Software Assurance Programm for Desktops. This depends on the number of licenses, which generally run for three years. You can use these SATVs to take official Microsoft online courses (MOCs) for free.


Shipping costs

Our products can be accessed online and are therefore free of shipping costs. However, if you order a printed book, you will incur shipping ocsts of EUR 5.90 per delivery. We only deliver to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.