Quofox netiquette

We are excited to have you as part of our learning community! Welcome and have fun learning and sharing your knowledge!

We believe that rules should be followed on the Internet just like IRL. For this reason, our netiquette does not just provide guidelines, it is a binding set of rules intended to guarantee friendly interaction in our community. After all, we want learning to be the focus for our learners and those sharing their knowledge, and enabling lively and productive discussions requires a pleasant atmosphere and respectful interactions.

We therefore request that you follow the rules below.


In the community

1) Please make an effort to use correct spelling and punctuation at all times. Too many linguistic mistakes, incorrect sentence structure, writing completely in lower or upper case, excessive use of question marks or exclamation marks (or other symbols) as well as missing spaces and unusual abbreviations should be avoided.

2) Using a straightforward style and friendly tone, and expressing tolerance and respect for the opinions of others is important. Insults will not be tolerated in our community. Criticism is desired as long as it is constructive, and personal attacks are not permitted.

3) Contributions that discriminate against others based on their gender, age, language, origin, nationality, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or world view will be deleted immediately.

4) Inflammatory, sexist, and racist statements will also be deleted immediately, and the users account will be blocked.

5) All content that you compose or upload should be yours and should be relevant to the topic.

6) Listing contact addresses, phone numbers, or commercial or advertising information is not permitted. References to blogs or private websites should also be avoided. You are welcome to use your user profile for this purpose and enter your URL there.

7) Quofox is not responsible for linked content on this platform and only reviews this on a test basis. We reserve the right to remove links if the linked content violates our rules.

8) Please consider carefully which personal information you wish to make freely available on the Internet. Publishing other peoples personal data is not permitted.

9) Use sarcasm, irony, and cynicism sparingly, because readers of written comments cannot see your facial expressions or hear your tone, which means that these could be misunderstood.

10) Quotes can underscore an opinion but must be clearly labeled as such. The source must be cited. Quotes should always supplement your message, never make up the majority of it.

11) Posting libelous statements or statements that could harm someones reputation or livelihood is prohibited.

12) You must hold all of the rights to distribution of the content you post in full. Please ensure that approval has been given for distribution of third-party content.


During the course

1) Be polite and friendly to all participants.

2) Even if you have something important to say, please let others finish first.

3) Avoid loud noises in the background (open window, music, etc.).