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Frequently asked questions

Personal learning outcomes and learning history are visible only to the learners themselves in the dashboard area under "My Learning Area/dashboard". It can access no one except the students on these personal area.
In just 2 hours, you can ask all of your questions about a subject in a workshop. Anyone can register. Guided by a live instructor, you can benefit from the trainers knowledge as well as that of the other learners in the community.
In a course, you conveyed the learning in a virtual classroom with a live instructor. The course takes usually two hours and may include a seminar paper or a handout and IT issues you can transfer the 5-hour access to an online lab, with the learned knowledge into practice.
An online lab is a virtual machine, which, filled with the help exercises to the respective course - to transfer theoretical knowledge into practice. You can start the online Lab 5 days after the session. Its friends then for a total of five hours available! Please note that there is no start / stop function. Take enough time for the processing of the exercises so.

Conditions of participation

Our online courses run on all operating systems via any HTML5-enabled browser.
After participating in a course page can be an online feedback form filled in and therefore evaluated the course and everything that entails, on our. This review helps us to keep our offer always at the highest quality level. Outside of online courses contact form can be given at any time but also about our response to our offer.
Of course, you can always participate in the community, even if you are not currently taking an online course. To do so, simply log in and get started.
According to the principle "Learn how, where and when you want." You can assemble your learning path individually and exactly according to your wishes and needs. Since our courses are modularized and usually last two hours, you have the opportunity to get a taste of many areas that interest you.


If a video course is booked, the video can also be viewed as many times as desired. It is not time-limited.


All information can be found privacy policy of Facebook in the .



Log in to Under My Learning/Profile you can enter a separate billing address. Enter the information for your employers accounting department, and we will send the invoice directly there in the future. Please discuss this approach with your company in advance to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

Support & Help

If you need help, please contact our support team at +4932221809400 from 9:00am to 6:00pm. We are sure they will be able to take care of your problem. In addition, you can always send an e-mail to support[at] or contact us through the contact form.