Learning is not a necessary evil. We dont learn to do others a favor. We learn because we want to advance in a certain subject, whether that is purely out of interest and for pleasure, or fueled by ambition, for instance, to move ahead at work or reach the next rung in the career ladder. Regardless of the motivation, learning is fun, and knowledge is for everyone! That is our philosophy. And that is also what each quofox team member experiences each day and is passionate about sharing.

Regardless of whether you are a knowledge consumer or would like to share your knowledge, it is quofoxs mission to conveniently integrate learning into your everyday life by leveraging the technologies available to us today. These technologies help us address the needs of individuals much more specifically in just about every area than just a few years ago. Why not in education and training as well? Microlearning is the new learning.

Why attend a five-day standard course when you really only need 20% of the content? Why not just concentrate on the 20% you truly require from the start? Thats how people learn today. All it takes is a few clicks, and you get what you need when you need it, always with a performance guarantee.

Learning and sharing knowledge at quofox means:

  • Flexibility (whoever, whenever, wherever, whatever, however, with whomever)
  • Certainty in planning (learning paths, performance guarantee, learning on demand)
  • Self-management (learning management, course plan, educational history)
  • Optimization of costs and time (accurate quotes, no travel costs)

Reviews by the community play a key role in helping us continually optimize our online offering. We are not the ones who evaluate the quality of a course or a link from the community. Its the community itself - and that means you.