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Team training

Your team has training needs? They are nationwide scattered around and the budget is not enough to bring together all stakeholders in one place? No problem! We bring together virtually, you and your team. With quofox you learn together in a virtual classroom live with an instructor who has been individually designed training for you and your team.

Individual training

Are you stuck on a problem and cant get any further? Sometimes 2 hours of intensive work with an instructor is enough to help the penny drop and you can continue working on the topic. We can bring you together with the instructor you need.

Your advantage

You decide on the course of the training: At quofox you can also choose your desired provider or instructor. With short modular units of 2-4 hours, the training can be easily integrated into the daily business for you or your team. For a more comprehensive topic that requires more courses, you can set appointments according to your options and schedule. Travel costs and times omitted.

What is the procedure?

Simply fill in the form below with all the information that you have available and which is important to you. It is important to provide your contact details so that we can send you an offer on the subject of your choice at short notice.

If you have any other questions, please contact our support team by phone at +49 (0)30 549 092 345 or by e-mail at

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