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Don’t ask what it takes to digitize…ask what digitization can do for you.

Our mission

Every revolution is a blink of evolution

We support people to develop themselves – in companies and privately – with our Smart Learning Solutions to enable companies to shape, grow and innovate through excellently trained teams in an ever-changing world. Because sustainable design requires in-depth knowledge.

Education is a lifelong process that empowers people to actively shape our history. The new and attractive thing about quofox is the holistic understanding of continuing education: the time- and location-independent access, equal opportunities, enabling participation, mobile and tailored to the learner. Simple: the democratization of learning on one platform. - Dr. Michael Dornemann

quofox – the company

The beginning

quofox was founded in 2015 by Frank Mies, Bernhard König and Nele Mletschkowsky with the vision of establishing lifelong, self-directed learning and further education as a matter of course in the digital working world for people and companies, educational institutions and universities.


The Now

Quofox is Germany fastest growing edTech company (Deloitte Fast 50). 2021 quofox is the European smart learning solution for companies and education providers of all sizes. quofox GmbH is headquartered in Berlin. Further offices: Hannover, Düsseldorf and Munich. Our core team currently consists of 25 employees who every day are convinced to develop solutions for worldwide professional development in order to enable further education and qualification that strengthens, grows and offers real added value.

We have developed our learning platform to help companies drive innovation in times of rapid digital change with an excellently trained workforce.

Our philosophy

In the end, everything will be good. And if its not good, its not the end.*

Digitalization has enabled an increase in reach and impact that has revolutionized the way people, companies and education providers learn and teach. Today, knowledge can be available online and offline. For everyone. At the same time, location-independent, up-to-date and relevant. To support and empower businesses to grow and develop innovation that makes our world a better place. All those who want to expand their knowledge, professionally or privately, will find everything at quofox that makes their lifelong learning and further education good and easy, as well as individual.

*Oscar Wilde

Everyone - whatever - whenever - but - wherever - whoever has the strength to grow and innovate through lifelong learning. - Frank Mies

We believe in


Lifelong and work-related training is the key to the future viability of people, companies and societies.
L&D is a driver and designer of overarching learning ecosystems and platforms. Together with companies, innovative methods and educational offers are developed that are linked to the companys goals and existing systems.

People learn

Whoever we are, where we come from or where we are, knowledge enables us to change, grow and redefine what is possible. That is why access to high-quality, high-quality and learner-centered continuing education is a right, not a privilege.We believe that self-directed, collaborative learning is the most precious and profitable learning. For everyone.


Learning places

The Word Wide Web has established itself as a place for continuous, life- and work-related learning processes.
Millions of freely accessible and fee-based knowledge resources are available. The place of learning of the future is not a classroom. It is virtual. Networked. A community.

Learning culture

Sharing knowledge makes everyone rich.

We are developing better and smarter ways to promote skills and qualification building, manage training activities and enable mobile, individual and self-directed learning. - Frank Mies

We offer

1. Innovation – is in our DNA

We are a company founded by software engineers and learning & development experts. We know what its like to keep up with the evolving digitalization and actively promote it for further education.

2. Learning Platform

Our AI-supported and user-oriented smart learning platforms EASY and EDU (SaaS) offer a novel and modular way for education and training.

  • a wide range of tools and features for automating training workflows
  • barrier-free access to the curated course library and connection to a worldwide course cosystem
  • Smart Learning Features: My-Learning-Configurator, Mix & Match, Learning Paths, Learning Groups, Skill Assessments
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3. Learning Services – Personnel development made easy

Innovative and future-oriented personnel development takes time and energy. We take over the training organization, program design, participant management, billing, trainer purchasing and everything else for you. Youre welcome. Whether corporation, department or medium-sized company – we provide you with a modern, tailor-made training offer and Learnecosystem.

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4. Content Hub for beginners to experts

Our course library is a digital ecosystem with thousands of on-demand courses in fields such as technology, soft skills, design, language to business.
Industry-specific course libraries offer users knowledge of their industry and real-world job scenarios.

Learning formats

We offer all relevant learning formats: eLearnings, Learning Nuggets, Online Coaching, Virtual Classrooms, Face2Face, eBooks, Podcasts and more.

Verified experts

Our course library was built by world-class subject matter experts. The booking-based revenue share guarantees high quality and a real WINWIN for everyone.

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Keeping people in sync with their knowledge and qualifications in this rapidly developing world and providing a flexible training offer that is geared towards the learner is the great challenge of our time. Thats exactly what quofox does.