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API Lifecycle Governance with IBM API Connect v2018 - ZD509G

This course is also available as classroom course API Lifecycle Governance with IBM API Connect v2018 (WD509G).

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This course teaches you how to configure the gateway, portal, and analytics services in Cloud Manager that are used by the API Connect infrastructure through all phases of the API lifecycle. You manage all aspects of the provider organization in the API Manager user interface to create, publish, version, and retire API artifacts such as Products, plans and APIs themselves. You also learn how to manage consumer organizations who use the APIs that are made available on the Developer Portal. You learn how to add members to the consumer organization that provides access to the APIs on the Developer Portal. You learn how the layout of the Developer Portal can be customized. Finally, you call the APIs on the secure gateway and you view the graphs and metrics of API usage.

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Configure services in Cloud Manager for an on-premises installation of API Connect V2018
Identify the container runtime infrastructure that supports the API Connect services
Create a catalog and Developer Portal
Create a consumer organization
Manage member roles and permissions in the Developer Portal
Define APIs, Products, and plans in API Manager
Identify the API lifecycle stages
Stage, publish, version, migrate, deprecate, and retire Products and APIs
Review and approve API lifecycle requests
Customize the Developer Portal
Create an application and subscribe to a plan
Review API analytics in the Developer Portal
Review analytics dashboards and visualizations in API Manager


Please refer to course overview

Participant requirements

Conceptual knowledge of APIs; for more information, see the resources at www.ibm.com/api/connect


This course is designed for API Connect cloud administrators, lifecycle administrators, and application developers.

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