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IREB CPRE Foundation Level

After attending the course, students will be familiar with the terminology of requirements engineering, business analysis and requirements management.

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About half of software projects do not achieve their goal. One of the primary reasons for this is erroneous or incomplete requirements. This course focuses on the most relevant procedures and methods by which requirements are determined, documented, tested, designed and managed. Different types of requests are explained, and you will learn how requirements documents are structured and formulated. Methods are presented through which to ensure traceability of requirements with one another, as well as to other artefacts of the development process. You will receive an overview of tools that will help you in your work as a requirement engineer. The course also has a particular focus on practical exercises.
This three-day course covers the following topics:
• Fundamentals of Requirements Engineering
• Determining boundaries within the system and system context
• Requirements Elicitation
• Natural Language and model-based documentation
• Requirements Validation and Negotiation
• Requirements Management
• Tools support for Requirements Engineering
Participants will also gain an understanding of the nature and uses of basic techniques and methods of requirements engineering and will learn the most common notations for requirements



Participant requirements

Attendees should have practical experience with IT Projects.


This course is suitable for quality managers, test project managers, test managers, requirements engineers, developers, functional testers & user acceptance testers.

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