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Giving positive feedback

This is a micro-learning course. Here the user will learn how to give positive feedback.

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Rarely do employees receive sufficient feedback on their work, let alone praise, but theory and practice teach us that positive feedback can reinforce desired behavior and is, therefore, an important factor in the company's success. Positive communication plays a very important role for employees who are introduced to new tasks or who do a good job. This is the only way to motivate them to learn and continue doing a great job. This is an interactive course that can last between 15 - 20 min depending on the learners' pace.


The aim of this course is to combine theory and practice and learn the five golden rules of how and when to praise employees.

Participant requirements

The only requirement is that the user is motivated to improve this soft skill. 


This course is suitable for team leaders, team members, and any employee that works in a team.

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