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Systemic leadership - leadership with consideration of all aspects

In this seminar we look at your daily challenges as a leader and a person and show you methods to master them better.

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The complexity increases more and more. In addition to the factual and process level, the social level plays an increasingly important role for you as a manager. More and more problems are based on "human" or social aspects. This is not the only area where you need to be better prepared and able to act confidently at all times. In this seminar/workshop we look at your challenges and your daily problems as leaders and people and examine to what extent new approaches and methods are suitable to master them better. You design this seminar/workshop and the concrete contents through your questions and topics, which you bring in yourself and through your direct participation.- Management of ongoing tasks: Solving problems in a structured and sustainable way, making better decisions, optimising the flow of information and communication, conducting conversations more efficiently and better preparing for conversations, dealing with crises
- Management of social systems: stakeholder management, dealing with power and politics, using system factors of social systems for diagnosis and intervention, achieving more commitment, networking
- Strategic leadership: vision and strategy development, as-is analysis, strategy development, evaluation
- Effecting change: change management, actively preventing resistance, achieving sustainability
- Giving orientation: Communicating your own expectations and showing limits more clearly, values and their meaning, your own attitude and clarity about your own role, self-management and agile time management.


- You can reflect on your own concrete experiences and situations
- You benefit from the exchange of experiences with the other participants.
- They work on concrete questions and current problems (supervision) in mutual exchange.

Participant requirements

Work and experience as a manager


IT managers, IT project managers and CIOs

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