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IBM Datacap 9.0.1 - Introduction - F251G

This course introduces the Datacap system components, processes, and architecture. You learn how to use Datacap clients to process document batches.

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Datacap overview

What is IBM Datacap?
The three process phases for capturing documents

Role-based Datacap clients

An overview of Datacap clients for different business roles.


Datacap components
Deployment Configuration Options
Datacap Folders for Services and Client code
Datacap.xml file

Datacap Desktop Client

Capabilities overview
Datacap Desktop - Monitor view
Select applications and tasks, and apply filter in the Monitor view

Application design

Implementation Guiding Principals
Steps to design an application
Analyze and define the requirements
Application development strategy
Scan, upload, classify and verify batches
Datacap administrator view
User settings
Accessibility features of Datacap Navigator interface

Introduction to Datacap Navigator

What is IBM Datacap Navigator?
Views in Datacap Navigator
Job Monitor
Batch processing, Scan, Upload, and Verify
User settings and Accessibility features

Datacap Web Client (tmweb)

Datacap Web Client Operations Monitor Administrator - Workflows
Add Users, Groups and Stations
Set Privileges and Permissions
Configure Shortcuts


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

Describe the Datacap Capture process

Document Source, Document Transformation, Document Delivery

Describe the Datacap utilities and clients and which roles would use them.

Datacap Navigator, Datacap Desktop, Datacap tmweb client, Datacap FastDoc, and Datacap Studio

Identify the IBM Datacap configurations and components

Single system, Client/Server, Hybrid
Centralized and Decentralized

Work with the Datacap Desktop client

Create, process, and monitor document batches

Work with the Datacap Navigator client

Operation, Monitor, and Administrator views
Create, process, and monitor document batches

Work with Datacap Web Client interface (tmweb)

Operation, Monitor, and Administrator views

Participant requirements

Recommended: Familiarity with data capture concepts
Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows operating systems


Anyone who needs to know the Datacap architecture and Datacap clients
Administrators who are responsible for configuring and administering Datacap system
Application Builders who implement data capture solutions using the IBM Datacap software suite

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