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IBM Datacap 9.0.1 - Datacap Configuration - F256G

This course shows you to how configure Datacap Server, Datacap Web Server, and Client on a single and multiple system configuration. You also learn how to configure other Datacap components.

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Configure a Single-System Configuration

Prerequisite System Components
Activities that you need to complete
Configure a Single-Machine
Export Encryption Keys
Configure Datacap Server Service
Configure Datacap Web
Configure Internet Explorer

Maintain Users and Groups, and Configure Security

Datacap Web Client
Add users, groups, and stations
Set privileges and permissions

Authentication and Encryption

Five Authentication Systems
Rules for External Authentication Systems
Set Authentication System
Authentication Path Templates
Authentication for ADSI and LDAP
Authentication for ADLDS and LLLDAP
Encryption Considerations
Encryption keys Update Procedure

Multi-System Configuration Considerations

Multi-Machine Architecture
Configure Datacap Server
Configure Datacap Web Server
Configure a Developer Workstation
Configure a Remote User Workstation

Configure Rulerunner

Rulerunner Service Authentication
Rulerunner Service Share, Permissions, & Security
Set DCOProcessor Permissions
Configure the Task Profiles to Run in Rulerunner
Configure Rulerunner to Run Tasks
Configure Rulerunner to Run Your Application

Configure Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager Components
Prerequisites for Maintenance Manager Installation
Set Datacap Folder Shared Permission & Security

Configure Datacap Web Services (wTM)

Configure wTM Services

Configure Datacap Dashboard

Performance planning and system requirements
Installation and configuration
Current processes
Team statistics and accuracy

Configure Datacap Report Viewer (optional)

Prerequisites for Report Viewer installation
Set Datacap folder shared permission & security
Add an application pool for Report Viewer
ADSI or LDAP authentication with Report Viewer
Create a Report Viewer Website
Configure the location of the Datacap.xml file
Configure the reports.xml file


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

Configure Datacap Server Service and Web Access
Setup Datacap Authentication modes and Encryption
Create Datacap security users and groups
Configure Datacap Server for LLLDAP User Authentication
Setup the Datacap Server, Datacap Web Server, and client in a multiple system configuration
Configure Rulerunner and Datacap Maintenance Manager
Configure Datacap Web Services wTM
Configure Datacap Dashboard and monitor system performance
Configure Datacap Report Manager (optional)

Participant requirements

The following courses or equivalent knowledge are required:

IBM Datacap 9.0.1: Introduction (F251G)


Administrators who are responsible for configuring and administering Datacap system
Anyone who needs to know the Datacap system administration

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