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The Kanban method is an agile approach to orga­nize work, create flow, and deliver results fast and sustain­ably. It provides an alter­na­tive way to agility and helps you manage chaos in ever­yday work life by visua­li­zing it, estab­li­shing smooth processes, and iden­tifying blockers. Kanban can be used on an indi­vi­dual level, for teams, or even for whole orga­niza­tions. In this lear­ning program, you will learn the basics of Kanban and its prin­ci­ples and prac­tices. You will gain a prac­tical under­stan­ding of the Kanban method, learn how to develop your own Kanban board, and how to begin your own journey of impro­vement.


  • Definition, principles, and practices of Kanban
  • Design elements and visuals of a Kanban system
  • Creating and managing "flow" of value
  • Exemplary application situations
  • Implementation as individual and/or in teams

Participant requirements

Internet connection



Training modules

Kanban Fundamentals – Stop Starting, Start Finishing


  • Intro
  • Glossary

Kanban in a nutshell

  • Myths and facts
  • Why Kanban?
  • Your Kanban journey

Three elements of Kanban

  • Service delivery and change management principles
  • Kanban principles
  • Applying Kanban principles
  • Six Kanban practices
  • Kanban practices
  • Kanban practices in your team

Mapping the workflow

  • What to Kanbanize
  • Map the workflow
  • Creating value
  • Mapping your workflow

Designing a Kanban Board

  • Visualization
  • Visual elements


  • Anecdote
  • Quiz

Creating Flow

  • Push vs. pull simulation
  • Push vs. pull metrics
  • Measuring improvement
  • Six Performance Dimensions
  • Measuring your system

Problem Handling

  • Using WIP Limits
  • Blockers
  • Handling your blockers

Improving with Kanban

  • Evolve the service
  • Scaling
  • Kanban tips
  • Evolving collaboratively
  • Your Kanban board


  • Anecdote
  • Quiz


  • Wrap-up
  • Your Kanban experience
  • Deep Dive
  • Photo Documentation

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