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MOC 10967 Fundamentals of a Windows Server Infrastructure

In this seminar, you will learn the basic components for building a Windows Server 2012 infrastructure.

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Seminar content
Installation and configuration of Windows Server 2012:

Installation options
Configuration of services
Management of devices and device drivers

Implementing storage in Windows Server 2012:

Storage technologies
Management of hard disks and volumes
Fault tolerance

Network infrastructure:

Network architecture standards
Local Area Networking
Wide Area Networking
Wireless networking Connection to the Internet
Remote access

Connecting network components:

OSI model
Media types
Adapters, hubs and switches

Implementation of TCP/IP:

Overview of TCP/IP
IPv4 addressing
Configuration of IPv4
Name resolution

Implementation of Windows server roles:

Role-based provisioning
Provisioning of role-specific services
Virtualization of Windows Server Roles
Best practices for managing Windows server roles

Implementing Active Directory Domain Services:

Introduction to AD DS
Implementation of AD DS
Managing users, groups and computers
Implementation of Organizational Units (OUs)
Implementation of group policies

Implementation of IT security layers:

Physical security
Internet security
Implementing security for Windows servers
Overview of Windows security
Securing files and folders

Implementing network security:

Overview of network security
Firewall Implementation

Implementing security software:

Protection of clients
Protection of e-mails
Protection of servers

Monitoring of server performance:

Windows logs
Performance monitoring

Windows server maintenance:

Boot process troubleshooting
Server availability and data recovery
System updates
Windows server troubleshooting



Participant requirements

Good knowledge of basic computer concepts


IT people (administrators and technicians) who are new to Windows Server 2012, user service and support staff.

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