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An Introduction to the z/OS Environment - ES05G

This course is an overview of the z/OS operating systems and services for non-MVS IS technical personnel.

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Day 1

Unit 1: Requirements of an enterprise server
Unit 2: Application enablement
Unit 3: Enabling On Demand Business on z/OS
Unit 4: z/OS connectivity

Day 2

Unit 5: Security in a z/OS environment
Unit 6: Systems management
Unit 7: System and data availability
Unit 8: System services
Unit 9: System z9 and z10 and System z hardware
Unit 10: zEnterprise: A new dimension in computing


Identify the installation requirements for an enterprise server and how z/OS supports these requirements
Discuss the services for application enablement in a z/OS environment
Identify how z/OS provides support for On Demand Business
Describe how security is ensured in a z/OS environment
Identify products and tools that support a central point of control
Characterize products and facilities that support z/OS systems
Describe the essential system services of z/OS
List the z/Architecture processor configurations for z/OS
Describe z/OS connectivity, communication facilities, and interfaces
Describe how zEnterprise creates a single system of systems
The concept, strategy, and benefits of the z/OS environment
Application enablement in z/OS
Overview of On Demand Business support in z/OS
Connectivity to the z/OS environment
Security support provided by z/OS
Systems Management support (Tivoli, SMP/E, SMF, and RMF)
Scalability, availability, backup, and recovery features in z/OS
System Services support (storage management, job management, work management, data sets, and data set management)
System z processor configurations, System z Enterprise Server hardware
zEnterprise, a new dimension in computing

Participant requirements

You should have:

System concepts
Basic knowledge of IS technologies
No MVS, OS/390, or z/OS knowledge required


This basic course is for personnel with a technical background in information technology who are new to the z/OS platform and do not have prior MVS or OS/390 experience.

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