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Administering IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.7.1 - ZB393G

An updated version of this course is available. For more information, click Developing Rule Solutions in IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.8 (ZB395G).

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This course is also available as classroom course Administering IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.7.1 (WB393G).

This course introduces administrators to IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) V8.7.1. You learn the concepts and skills that are necessary to install, configure, and manage Decision Server Rules, Decision Center, and Decision Server Insights.

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Course introduction
Introducing Operational Decision Manager for administrators
Exercise: Exploring the Operational Decision Manager installation
Configuring Operational Decision Manager
Exercise: Configuring Rule Execution Server on WebSphere Application Server
Exercise: Configuring Decision Center on WebSphere Application Server
Exercise: Using a profile template to configure Rule Execution Server
Managing user roles and permissions
Exercise: Customizing user access and enforcing security in Decision Center
Synchronizing across environments
Exercise: Synchronizing across business and development environments
Managing deployment
Exercise: Managing deployment
Administering Rule Execution Server
Exercise: Exploring the Rule Execution Server console
Using Decision Warehouse to audit ruleset execution
Exercise: Auditing ruleset execution through Decision Warehouse
Monitoring execution and performance
Exercise: Monitoring rule execution and performance
Managing baselines and multiple releases
Exercise: Managing baselines and multiple releases
Introducing Decision Server Insights for administrators
Exercise: Installing Decision Server Insights
Configuring Insight Server
Exercise: Configuring Decision Server Insights
Managing deployment for Decision Server Insights
Exercise: Managing deployment and connectivity
Administering Decision Server Insights
Exercise: Administering Decision Server Insights
Course summary


After completing this course, you should be able to:

Describe the IBM Operational Decision Manager Advanced technical architecture
Explain topology options for a clustered environment
Complete postinstallation configuration of Decision Server Rules, Decision Center, and Decision Server Insights
Manage security for ODM Advanced components
Synchronize projects across business and development environments
Manage deployment for Decision Server Rules and Decision Server Insights
Monitor rule execution and troubleshoot performance issues
Manage versions, baselines, and multiple releases in Decision Center
Install and configure a Decision Server Insights reference topology
Configure inbound and outbound servers to manage connectivity

Participant requirements

Before taking this course, you should have:

Basic knowledge of database management
Familiarity with source code control (SCC) mechanisms
Basic knowledge of Ant and the Java programming language
Knowledge of WebSphere Application Server
Knowledge of Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE)
Familiarity with the Representational State Transfer (REST) architectural style
Familiarity with the WebSphere eXtreme Scale


This course is designed for administrators who install, configure, and administer Operational Decision Manager.

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