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Design and Deploy Full-Stack Cloud Environments with IBM UrbanCode Deploy - ZQ411G

IBM UrbanCode Deploy is a tool for standardizing and simplifying the process of deploying software components to each environment in your development cycle. When you use blueprints for OpenStack-based clouds, you can use a full-stack approach to simultaneously model the application and infrastructure layers of your deployment.

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In this course, you learn how to administer the cloud through both the Blueprint Designer and the Horizon user interface. Hands-on labs use IBM UrbanCode Deploy in a cloud environment and cover integrations with an OpenStack back-end and IBM UrbanCode Deploy, modeling the cloud infrastructure and application layers, provisioning environments from blueprints, creating and using configuration files, updating a running environment, and using Git repositories to store and manage blueprints.

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Settings and Configuration
Blueprints and Cloud Infrastructure
Blueprints and UCD Apps
Blueprints and UCD Provision


List the concepts and use cases of the IBM UrbanCode Deploy Blueprint Designer
Configure the IBM UrbanCode Deploy Blueprint Designer for public and private cloud operation
Model cloud landscapes in a graphical and text-based way
Deploy simple and advanced cloud environments
Use the repository for storing and managing blueprints

Participant requirements

Before you take this course, you should have basic knowledge about the following topics:

Cloud computing (private and public)
OpenStack, in particular the Heat project
IBM UrbanCode Deploy applications and components


This is a basic course for new users of the IBM UrbanCode Deploy Blueprint Designer, such as administrators, performance testers, development teams, and operations leads.

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