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IBM Case Foundation 5.2.1 - Maintain the Workflow System - F233G

This course is for anyone who is responsible for day-to-day operations of a production IBM Case Foundation workflow application.

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Use administrative tools for maintenance

Maintaining a workflow system
Administrative tools for the Workflow system
Administration Console for Content Platform Engine
Lock an isolated region
Workflow system component administration
Process Administrator
Start Process Administrator
Process Services Ping page
System Dashboard
Logging systems

Monitor with the Process Services Ping page

Process Services Ping Page
Process Services Ping Page: Overview
Process Services Ping Page: URL
Ping Page: Log file location
Ping page: Helpful links
Sample: API Stats

Monitor with System Dashboard

What is System Dashboard?
Why use System Dashboard?
Dashboard Terms (1)
Dashboard Terms (2)
System Dashboard Structure
Create clusters to view data
Use the Dashboard views
Execute options for Listener node and view data
Archiving Manager
Configuration Guidelines
Process counters to watch (examples)

Monitor with vwtool

Use vwtool to monitor an isolated region
Start vwtool
Obtain status information on workflow system
Run loadstatus
Report memory usage, database usage
Report version and system configuration

Maintain event logs

Event tools
Event architecture1
About event logging
View event logs
View events with New Workflow Search
View events with Process Administrator
Event log maintenance guidelines
Select event log options

Troubleshoot the workflow system

Troubleshooting overview
Support resources
Collecting data
For Process Clients issues: fnlog4j.properties
Fnlog4j concepts
Enable fnlog4j
Two trace methods both use log4j
vwtool trace log options


Use administrative tools for maintenance

Identify the Workflow system admin tools.

Monitor with the Process Services Ping page

System start
Use the Process Services Ping page.

Monitor with System Dashboard

Monitor with System Dashboard.
Create Dashboard Archives and Reports.

Monitor with vwtool

Maintain event logs

View event logs by using Administration Console
View event logs by using Process Administrator
Disable event categories
Prune events

Participant requirements

You should have:

Familiarity with Windows 2008 operating systems.
Familiarity with Java and Java Virtual Machines.
General knowledge of relational database management systems.
General knowledge of P8 Platform security concepts.
General workflow terminology:

Workflow definitions


This intermediate course is for Workflow System Administrators who are responsible for day-to-day operations of a production IBM Case Foundation workflow application.

A Workflow System Administrator is typically required to help workflow participants to do the following tasks:

Locate work and complete workflows.
Respond to management decisions that require changes to work items.
Gather information about workflow activity to help management make business decisions.

During the production phase, the Workflow System Administrator manages operation of the workflow application and communicates with users and managers. In the workflow application deployment phase, the Workflow System Administrator coordinates activities with the Workflow Author to plan and control workflow application implementation into the production environment.

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