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IBM Datacap 9.0.1: FastDoc Server Mode - F253G

This course shows you how to work with Datacap FastDoc in Server mode. You create an application from Form Template and configure batch structure, rulesets, and fingerprints. You also configure export to an IBM FileNet Content Manager repository.

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Introduction to FastDoc Datacap Server mode

FastDoc server mode interface
Scan task interface
Documents, pages, and fields view
Ruleset properties view
Workflow view and fingerprints
Run batches in FastDoc server mode
Data validation methods
Export options

Create an application with Form template

FastDoc application template
Template Folder Structure
Create an application

Configure batch structure

Application Templates and Template folder structure
Create an application
Configure documents, pages, and fields

Configure form template rulesets

Configure rulesets
Batch level ruleset Import images, Convert files to images, Image enhancement
Recognize pages and fields

Define fingerprints and test rulesets

Define Fingerprint and select zones
Design time testing
Test pane, Profiles and rules, history and results, error resolution

Populate fields with keyword lookup

Add and configure rules for populating fields using keyword lookup
Select populate methods
Locate the lookup term
Locate the value with direction and grouping

Configure validate fields ruleset

Validate fields ruleset
Length, value content ruleset, andCustom Error message options
Date currency and numeric ruleset options
Lookup rulesets

Export to IBM FileNet Content Manager

Delivery, Export configuration, and general export options
Select an export ruleset
Configure Batch, Document, and Field export parameters
IBM FileNet repository configuration parameters
View IBM repositories with Datacap Navigator


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

Explore FastDoc Datacap Server mode
Build a new Application with the Form Template
Create a batch structure
Configure form template rulesets
Add a page fingerprint
Design time testing of ruleset
Populate fields with keyword lookup
Configure validate field rulesets
Configure a new page fingerprint
Configure export ruleset for exporting scanned documents to IBM FileNet Content Manager Repository

Participant requirements

The following courses or equivalent knowledge are required:

IBM Datacap 9.0.1: Introduction (F251)
IBM Datacap 9.0.1: FastDoc Local Mode (F252)


Application Builders who are responsible for building Datacap applications
Anyone who needs to know the capabilities of FastDoc in Server mode

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