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You want to develop yourself in a particular area? Then, our learning style of coaching is right for you. We understand under a coaching a personal advice and support, which flexibly from home, the Office or on the go can to be done.

Coaching promotes your ability to organise yourself in your professional and working life. Coaching takes place on quofox - similar to courses - in the form of a virtual seminar. You can easily contact your coach via web browser on quofox.com. An exchange will take place via webcam and microphone. Your coach and you are equally challenged during the coaching process.

A coaching session is aimed at the promotion of self reflection and perception, consciousness and responsibility down, so that you can ultimately independently integrate the taught content in your daily life and your decision-making and capacity strengthening will.

As a participant you need the following:
all you need to participate is a web-enabled device, speakers or headphones. Before participating in a course, we recommend the quofox system test .

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