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The course series

Expand your knowledge in several live online courses with an expert in the virtual classroom.

As with the course, the course series will also inspire you with experts, trainers and coaches – with the highest entertainment factor. The difference: a course series consists of several live online modules that build on each other and usually lead to a degree or certification. As a participant, you participate via the Internet.
The learning path is predefined and can be supported by scripts, discussion forums and free learning groups. You can choose the start and end time per course from predefined dates. In the virtual classroom you will see the speakers screen and follow him or her in real time with camera and microphone. You will be in direct contact with your instructor, can ask questions, or make requests.

Each individual module of a course has a maximum length of 120 minutes. The number of modules within a course number is arbitrary and is determined by the provider.

As a participant you need the following:
all you need to participate is a web-enabled device, speakers or headphones.

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Course series
Maximum duration
Module 120 minutes, number variable
max. 12
You require